Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Product of the Week!

The Savannah Bee asks the question, "Don't your hands deserve it?" It being a great hand cream like their beeswax one. I say YES! they do. Having received this cute trial sized container in a gift bag of other Savannah Bee goodies I took my time in actually using the hand cream. Then the dry air of winter settled into my skin and attacked full force. I dug the tiny tub out of the bathroom drawer and tried it out. It works! I now use it daily on my elbows, feet and hands. The light scent works perfectly for me and it goes on smooth. It's not stiff or greasy either like some other beeswax or royal jelly products that are out there. I have since tried other items from Savannah Bee such as the natural lip balm and Mint Julep body lotion all with great success. They are all lightly scented in a sweet tone and truly last. Check out the site today and find some great gift ideas too!

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