Monday, January 29, 2007

Sick of It!

I've had enough! Enough with the media blitz and the whole issue of the "Mommy Wars". I am even sick of seeing it in quotations like that. Reading through Izzy Mom's post today (and I too call BULLSH*T on all that crap) I just got so irritated with this whole idea of Mommy Wars. Is it real? Do we care? I don't. Not anymore.

What I care about is the judging. You know me, I'm all about that crap. I can't stand it. I loathe when other women sit back on their self-made pedestals and judge other mom's for stupid stuff they know nothing about. To see that piece on the 'Today' show about Mom's who drink during playdates just made me think- do we have nothing better to do? Is that what it really boils down to? This whole Mommy Wars "issue" (heh) is striking me as a bunch of women who might well be "very serious" about motherhood, but also have too much time on their hands and a whole lot up their butts. Stop being so condesending and let people live their lives. If you don't like it don't hang out with those women. Are their kids malnourished? Probably not. Are they wearing the same clothes for no good reason five days in a row? Again, I would say probably not. Then leave that mother alone. And her chardonnay sipping friends too! Let her do what she feels is right for her, her family and her sanity.

Hell, I agree with the women on the MSNBC forum who speak fondly of the days in the 70s when we ALL recall our parents sitting back and 'having a few' with the neighbors. I remember those days fondly too. Mom and Dad were a whole lot nicer to deal with on those firefly-filled evenings outside.

If you find yourself being one of these mom's. The type who likes to engage in the Mommy Wars try engaging yourself elsewhere like the gym, or a local charity. It would make better use of your time and help others in the process. Not to mention a great lesson for the kiddies in health and helping fellow man-kind.

But, that's just my two sense. You don't have to take it. I won't judge you. I just might choose to sit far away from you at the kiddie park though.

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    Please let me know if this ever becomes me...julie


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