Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Overheards While on Holiday...

Scene 1~

Me: Whoo Hoo! I get to visit E in LA and I'm not pregnant this time! I can DRINK!!! WHOO HOOO!!!

My Mother: (sitting on couch looking at me with obvious disapproval) Sighs loudly and frowns, "Why is drinking such a big deal?..."

Me: It's not! I just want to have fun and go out. (Slightly irritated, shoulders raising a half inch.)

My Mother: Who is going to drive......

Me: Sighing even louder, "It's LA Moooommmmmmm (suddenly I'm 16 again), there are cabs!

Scene 2~ Kitchen floor of my house, my parents showing T.D. a box filled of small stuffed creatures she wrestled from Santa.

My Father: Here's the bunny, T.D. Bunny. See Bunny!

My Mother: T.D.! Duck! Duckie!!! Yellow Duck! Quack, Quack!

My Father: Yes. Quack, Quack. See the mouse. A green mouse. Hmm...

My Mother: Look T.D., a Yak! See the Yak? YAAAKK.

My Father: That's not a Yak! Who makes stuffed Yaks? It's a sheep. NO ONE makes stuffed Yak's!

Scene 3:

One sound continuously heard over and over again. That sound is this... tick, tick, tick whooosh! That is the sound of my gas stove being turned on to heat another kettle of tea. Last count was about seven a day.

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