Friday, January 12, 2007

Could it Be?

I joined a playgroup this week. Sight unseen. I don't even know where a playground is in my area. My reasoning though was this: T.D. seemed awful lonely the third day she was home from daycare during the holiday break and I know I'll be awful lonely staying home soon too. It will be nice to get out and meet the locals and find kid-friendly places to do things with other Mummy's.

However, I always swore I would never join a playgroup. The sheer idea of it making me cringe as I think of white keds and "mom jeans". I know I'm stereotyping hardcore there. I have no real basis for this either it's just an idea I've devised in my head. Now however with endless winter days lying in front of me with no plans other than the gym and it's playroom and me cramming work time into T.D.'s nap zones I figured what do I have to lose? I'll meet other Mom's in the area, find new resources, and make some new friends (I hope) in the process. Plus, T.D. will continue to be socialized. I do love when I walk into daycare and she is happily chatting with her friends over an activity table. Watching them converse in their own language that they both seem to understand is pretty damn cute.

So off I go into uncharted waters again. Hell, I moved across country once without knowing a soul or having a job, I can go to playgroup Monday morning. I'm getting really excited about this new venture as a whole.

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  1. HI V,
    playgroups are interesting places. Just as important to the kids as it is for us. We all do better with a little afternoon socializing. You may be pleasantly surprised by how much other Moms are just like you in many ways. Its kinda like a support group, you can complain all you need to about sleepless nights and the frustration of the moment and get tons of advice.
    Have fun.


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