Thursday, January 11, 2007

Product of the Week!

I absolutely love finding funky, hip baby clothes for T.D. I can't get enough of them. When I say that I mean it- no one buys them for her! So it's up to me to find great online stores such as this one, Psycho Baby. But, Psycho Baby sells more than just clothes. They have great Melissa and Doug toys, (a T.D. favorite, as who can resist wooden sushi sets?) Ugly Dolls, books, CD's, furniture and decor. There are some seriously cute accessories waiting for you too. I'm in love with the Me In Mind skull booties ($24) among about a million other items.

The Psycho Baby website has gift ideas starting from $25 and under all the way up to some major splurges. They sell tons of unique, electic baby gear such as high chair covers, bath items, and even pink cowgirl rain boots! There are many categories to check out and lots of trendy designers to become acquainted with. Psycho Baby is not just for babies either but for children up to 8 years in age. If you want to bring a more edgy gift to your next baby shower or simply want your tot sportin' some seriously cool gear check out Psycho Baby NOW!

P.S. Yes, Psycho Baby even appeals to the girlier side of me with it's Eebo Flowers Tot Tower or Haba Blossom Flower Pacifier Chain. Too cute!

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  1. Hi there,
    Thank you so much for including us! I also really thank you for understanding who we are. We are not trying to just be "cool". We are two moms that understand that while you try to slip in your
    on versions of whats funky, your three year old girl will still want her tutu (we just hope it's with a rock and roll tee). We round that off with the best
    toys, books, shoes, accessories all in one place to be a time saver for us moms. I looked through your blog and am really impressed!
    Lots of success in the new year and thanks again.
    Marlo (co-owner)


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