Saturday, January 13, 2007

Fun Find!

Recently I came across this website and I thought- ooh how fun! So I wanted to share it. It's called Money Solution. This little website is a creation of DivaVillage, a site where you can find beauty, fashion and health advice.

Money Solution is a shopping site that claims, "there's always a sale somewhere." It has many categories to shop in such as, clothes for everyone in your family, recreation and sporting goods, jewelry and even electronics. I happened to find a very cute Lodis clutch from Nordstrom while perusing the website.

What Money Solutions does is take you to other sites where the goods actually are, but what they offer in consumerables are really quite a nice, quality selection. They have Lacoste, Sony, Hasbro toys, and even Juicy Couture items. It's worth the trip even if you just want to browse for a while.

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