Thursday, December 14, 2006

Check, Check, Check it Out Yo!

Do some good this season and I mean more than just buying that pair of black leather boots you've been coveting. Go to Her Bad Mother's Auction. It's not really an auction but a raffle. Great prizes for many types of folks and it benefits her sweet nephew Tanner who is fighting MS. It's truly a feel good kind of thing. So buy a ticket. Maybe win something fun. Know that you are indeed doing a very good thing.

While in the festive, feel good mood you might want to peruse the sidebar too and click on's ad. For each search for something RED they will donate a $1 to Doctor's Without Borders. $1 buys a whole lot. It buys one immunization for a person. You can definetly head on over and spend a minute or two searching for some mean reds.


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