Friday, December 15, 2006

Oh What a Night....

Mid-December back in 2006... ok so it doesn't really go with the classic song but let me just say last night was one of those nights that I'll always remember. Hopefully I will remember it in the way of laughing and not in the frustrated sense in which it all happened.

For what seems like eons H has been sick. First a flu, then a cold and then a nastier cold. Top that off with me being sick as well as T.D.'s colds and ear infections and we're quite the germ infested, tissue scattered house these days. Since last week I've been telling H to get thee to a doctor but he just wouldn't budge. I begged him to stay home and rest. Now in the second week of a rather nasty cold he finally lamented. Guess what? Sinus infection. I must say I'm a bit smug at my diagnosis as I repeatedly told him that is what I thought he had. When he walked in the door last night from work looking alternately blotchy and pale I knew he HAD TO GO. I convinced him to check out the local Urgent Care. I stayed home with T.D.

It was just an hour. Yet, in one small hour I cleaned the same area of carpet three times. I got puked on twice. Somehow dog poop ended up smeared on my hands. Yup. It was that kind of night. First, T.D. puked a bit. Not a big deal. Only a small amount on her, me and the carpet. I cleaned her and the carpet, then me. Up the stairs we went. Down the stairs we went. Clean we decided to play in the den again. Suddenly the Lex, the dog, comes in from outside. It reeks of poo. I can't figure out why. I see doody smeared on T.D.'s overalls and shirt. Fabulous. I look down and, "What the..." it's on my hands?! Gross! How? I don't know. It's still a mystery to me. Up the stairs we go to clean up. Holding T.D. at arm's length, her little legs kicking we get changed. I wash my hands. I strip T.D. down. I find no poop in her diaper. I realize at this point it's plain and simple. Dog shit. Wonderful. Smelling good again and in her pj's we head back downstairs. I am down there only a nano-second when T.D. waterfall pukes down my front, her side and onto that same area of floor I just cleaned the poop and puke from previously. Now the dog has puke on her too. Awesome! Back up the stairs! Strip off the pj's. Wipe down the kid. Clean off the dog. Take my raw, overly clean hands and strip myself down. Better.

Thinking that the den is probably some bodily fluid/function vortex I decide to play it safe and stay upstairs until it's T.D.'s bedtime. When H came home from the doctor's I was still reeling from it all. At least my quads got a workout on doing all those stairs.


  1. Ugh. This is the thing about motherhood I am totally TOTALLY unprepared for. How do you do it?

  2. Anonymous7:42 PM

    Don't ya love the days when you get puked on more times than you can count? Adding the dog mess to the busines is just not fun, but was funny to read about. Sorry but true. Hope you all get better.


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