Thursday, September 28, 2006

Back on Track

It's been sort of a crazy week in our house since we got back from our trip. I'm catching up on freelance work, H is still working on finishing up the rehab house, and well there are social obligations to fufill. I'm exhausted to say the least and it's fueled by the fact that with a change of venue T.D.'s schedule was periously thrown off while we were on our vacation.

It happens every time she goes to her Nana's. She is held constantly and spoiled rotten. I know that is what grandparents do. I remember the undivided attention and junk food I got from mine everytime I stayed with them, which was A LOT. My grandmother would feed me unsalted potato chips, Total cereal, and other somewhat healthy foods during the day, but as soon as she would creak up the stairs to bed my grandfather (Pepere) would whisper, "Hey, wanna snack?" In the darkened kitchen we would break out the ice cream, add jelly beans and marshmallows to it and drink soda. How's that for spoiling? We'd sneak back into the den and watch tv shows like 'Love Boat' where I developed my love for Charro. I loved every minute of that stuff and I know T.D. must love the constant hugs, treats, toys and other assorted attention she gets.

However, when we, her parents, get her back, well watch out. "Oy!", is all I can say. She is a bear, a dictator in the truest sense. She cries when you put her down for even a second. You thought you were going to get a drink of water? You thought you were going to the bathroom? Think again lady! You're mine! All MINE!! Daycare even says- "Oh she was at her grandparents again..." with an ominous tone. They dread it too. I am very grateful that she is so loved and that they live close and are more than willing to care for her, but the crying, fussing, no napping and waking up during the night for about a week is so wearing on H and I that I always wonder at 3 a.m. when she is up AGAIN, was it really worth the trip?

We seem to be finally back on track though as of last night. T.D. offered us a pardon and let us sleep through the night. Yeah! Maybe our silent pleading eyes, wringing hands and soulful cries for sleep finally reached her. It's been exhausting this week with that lack of sleep and high demand for more than normal attention. I'm glad we finally have our despot back now and she is in jolly form again.

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