Thursday, September 28, 2006

Words, words, words

Reading through last week's Suburban Turmoil I found Lucinda's September 22nd post about 'Fascinating Womanhood'. Intrigued slightly I read on. Horror quickly replaced intrigue as I scrolled down the page.

Has anyone heard of this book or author? Her name is Helen Andelin and her book, Fascinating Womanhood has sold millions of copies. This scares me more than the Rules woman did in the late 90's. What struck me though was Andelin's use of the word vascillate.

A man is by nature and temperament a born leader, who tends to be decisive and have the courage of his convictions. A woman, on the other hand, tends to vacillate.

Icky right? I hate this word vacillate. It grosses me out for some reason and always has. It makes me think of windmills, vaseline and other goopy items. It makes me want to scream. Thankfully it's a seldom used word. When I read that piece by Andelin I just pictured a woman with windmill arms flailing around helplessly and it made me mad. It makes me wonder, who are these woman buying this book? Do I know anyone who thinks this way? Is this actually true? Do men really prefer this type of gal? Will I now associate this word (the one which we do not speak) that I already loathe with woosey females making me hate it even more? Probably. It's branded into my brain, searing my gray matter with a burning hot metal poker. Vascillate. Yuck.

I have to go brush my teeth now because I just threw up.

Do you hate a certain word? Is there one out there that just makes you cringe when you hear it or scream with your hands over your ears? Comments please.


  1. I don't have a word. I found a whole website recently that makes me cringe:

  2. I absolutely despise the word panties. It sounds like something a dirty old man would say, right?

  3. Ooh Steph that site. Enraged me and then I passed it on. Scary Scary Scary, sad. I wear pants I guess I'm a whore.

  4. From Ann Marie-

    The word lover grosses me out. As in- this is my lover, so and so. Just got a visual I didn't need, thanks heaps for that. Vacillate reminds me of vaseline too. I was cracking up when I read that.

  5. gretchen1:31 PM

    The word "panyhose" makes me insane. Panties annoyes me too.


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