Sunday, October 01, 2006

Big Month

Can you believe it's October already? I can't. This is a big month here at the Mummy Chronicles. There's going to be some new things this month and it will also be the one year anniversary of this site. I can hardly believe my little experiment worked!

First, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As some of you may know I'm going to be walking 26 miles in the Washington, DC Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. While the event itself isn't until May 2007 I need to begin my fundraising now. What better month to do so right? If you click on the title of this post you can go directly to my Avon Walk website, see photos, and my teams info, as well as donate a little bit of your hard earned cash to a wonderful cause. Avon donates a lot of time and money to this cause assisting underprivledged women who cannot get adequate health care to treat their cancer. To me there is no better reason to donate than that one. It's a good tax write off too if that's your thing.

Second, this month I will continue doing the 'Product of the Week' but I will be featuring just one product line. I've been asked to try out an entire skin care line. Being the product whore that I am (seriously a whole double sink worth of cabinet space taken up by products, put 3 draws) I readily agreed to take on this fun task. Each week I will let you know how it's going with the different items I'm trying out. This first week I'm doing the whole anti-aging line, there are baby products, body wash and some other fun things too. More info and product name to follow!

I'll keep posting on the rants, insane work situations, and my daily world of being a full-time working Mummy and anything else that won't make you run screaming from your screen.

Keep commenting (I LOVE hearing from you), reading and passing on the page. Thanks for reading!

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