Thursday, August 03, 2006


Last night H (who seriously doesn't want to be called H anymore and has suggested some embarrassingly bad names like Super D. Um... no, nice try) asked me for the millionth time to watch this motiviational/inspirational (read mumbo jumbo) DVD with him. I resisted for as long as I could. It's 90 minutes he says. 90 MINUTES?! When do we have 90 minutes on a weeknight were we are awake and actually processing information?! Finally though I decided to give it a go. I skipped the gym (yes, H this is why I skipped the gym because this was important to you so I put my quest for buns of steel aside for you.) and I headed home to watch this thing.

It started off incredibly hoaky with some woman looking like Halle Barry from X-Men speaking with an Aussie accent running around Da Vinci Code like in cheap DVD manner. I had to suppress a few groans. Then come the speakers or the "guides" as I think of them. They start explaining some pretty common sense things about the power of positive thinking and projection. It's basically things I grew up hearing from my parents or church. Not that difficult really to take in. It's applying and continuing to apply it correctly that is the tricky part. If you can master that then you find success in life. Whatever that success may be that you are seeking. Again, pretty much common sense. It did however get to me a bit and make me think- ok fine I'll try that. I'm always open to making life better. Who isn't. My grateful list is actually one of the things you are supposed to do. So hey! I'm already on the right path.

My only concern is this- what if suddenly my writing turns all hearts and flowery and I lose whatever small bit of sarcasm I do posess. Sad, sad. I can't let that happen! If I do feel free to kick me in my karmic butt a few times and I'm sure I'll come around.

P.S. How about Mogul H? Would you like that better? I find it might be just snarky enough for you.

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  1. Have you seen Donnie Darko? I'm thinking of the Fear/Love spectrum.


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