Monday, August 07, 2006

I've become Golum

And sleep is my "precious". Seriously what is up with T.D.? All of a sudden her little internal clock is working on a whole other continent's time schedule. Last night H and I sat down to watch a movie. We wisely started it before T.D. went to bed knowing full well we were already on little sleep from the night before and wouldn't last past the witching hour of 9 p.m. in our house. Plus it's a Sunday night- big week ahead, and we need our sleep. Yeah, that's what we tell ourselves so we don't feel like we're 85 and going to bed after our early bird dinner.

I put T.D. down about 7 p.m., she was incredibly cranky so why not. As I walk back downstairs into the den I see H on the couch curled up and almost completely asleep. No! Not yet!! TOO early!!! I wake him up and we continue with the movie. The movie that is only 1 hour and 54 minutes long but feels like a freakin' eternity. It's 'Libertine', the dark Johnny Depp film. You know the one he came out with in between his Pirates movie so he wouldn't seem like he was getting too commercial. Anyway, it's not good enough to keep our sleep addled brains entertained. I find I'm almost throwing myself into an Elaine Bennis/English Patient frenzy on the floor. Suffice to say, with thirty minutes left to the film we shut it off and went to bed- at 7:30 p.m. We are so old.

Did anyone see this movie? I didn't love it but I would like to know what happened at the end.

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