Monday, August 07, 2006

Oh No....

It seems Jessica Simpson is remaking Dead or Alive's song 'You Spin Me Right Round' (Like a Record). Good God is there no limit to what this girl will remake/steal? Seriously has she no shame? I do not want to think of her when I hear that song. Or any other. When will the madness end that is all things Jessica?!? I used to think she was ok when she had Nick by her side. Now? No thank you I would not like some more of what she has to offer. If I see one more pic of her with Ken Paves and some giant bag and even bigger, messier hair (I just don't get that one- you have a hairstylist as your b.f.f. yet your hair looks like crap) I'm going to have impale myself on something.

So this is probably my last post because US Weekly should be rolling hot off the presses any minute now with you guessed it another photo of Ms. Simpson and her friend/slave Ken. Augh.

Check out the article linked to the title too. It's a good one.

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  1. Anonymous1:58 PM

    The article was too funny. I think most are sick to death of seeing her. I think the TV show was a bad idea. Rise to major fame by acting like a moron, show destroys marriage, now we all feel the urge to vomit if we see/hear Ms. Simpson. Great plan. I pray we won't have to suffer seeing her pic on movie posters for too long. Come on a Wal-mart cashier? How believeable is that? Plus I think her acting ability is non-existent.



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