Friday, July 14, 2006

So What Exactly Are We Dealing With Here?

At some point this week H made a visit to T.D.'s daycare whether it was to pick her up or drop her off I don't remember. While there the caretaker made a comment that T.D. is devious. Really? Our child? How could that be? Oh wait- she's T.D., Overlord of devious behavior at almost five months. This is nothing new to us. What made her say this about our cute little czar? She said- "T.D. will cry and when you turn around to attend to her she immediately stops crying and breaks out into a big smile." Gotcha! Yeah lady she does that to us all the time. Have you heard the coughing thing she does? That's when she acts like she is dying from cough or choking and you run over to her only to have her look up at you with her big smile and laugh. Ha Ha Sucker! I just made you my bitch! That's my kid. You have to love that little despot, wily ways and all.

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