Sunday, July 16, 2006

Ahoy Me Matey!

It's a pirates life for me! At least that is how I felt on Saturday when I walked into my local Borders bookstore to settle in for some uninterrupted writing. H has been a darling this past week and is excited almost as much as I am that I've gotten started on a book. He is willing to watch T.D. for blocks of time so I can write. Being that it was about 90% humidity outside on our deck I opted to leave the house and head to Borders.
I should have known it would not be a great place to work when I spied all the staff walking around the store as if it were a ship's galley. The striped head scarfs, tri-corner hats and skull and crossbones were everywhere. The cafe was playing sea shanties or something which were also being piped throughout the store. It was also after noon and the cafe was packed. Annoyed I scout out a less than ideal table and settle in to write. My laptop is open, my notebook and pen beside it for notes. I begin reading what I already have while tuning out the parrot squawking noise and argh's an arf's the employees are shouting. I can't tune it out. I take out my Ipod and crank up the volume. Then, out of the corner of my eye I spot a long, electric red fingernail tapping the second chair at my table. It's a girl who has been circling the cafe looking for a place to work with two other people. I look up at her and her mouth is moving like a fish and since fish don't talk no sound is coming out. Oh right! I have my earphones in. Sorry! I pull them out and she asks for my second chair. I tell her yes and mutter under my breath, "but you better not utter a word at your table." I know bitchy to say the least. Apparently a pirates-theme makes me want to tell everyone to walk the plank. Just as I started to really get going in my writing and getting back into the groove of the book my computer declares it's going into hibernation mode and I have to quickly save my precious work or else! With a deeply annoyed sigh I get up from my tiny table and leave. No sooner have I scooped up my bag from off my chair a woman with a toddler who has been circling like a shark comes cruising in and nabs my table. I am relieved to be out of there and head home to end up writing at my dining room table with my trusty Ipod blocking out any home noises that might shatter my train of thought.

In all I think I logged about two hours of time into the book. We'll see if it makes any sense later. I'm trying to keep it up and follow the same thread and not wander too much. Note taking helps for now.

I'm off to see Pirates of the Carribean today. Go figure.

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  1. Congratulations on starting your book!

    We saw Pirates yesterday too.


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