Monday, July 17, 2006

Product of the Week!

This week I'm showcasing a product that has been around for decades, centuries, eons! It helps stimulate the brain, it's good for the complexion and circulation and overall well-being. It's really like a miracle drug and best of all - it's free!! What is this wonder treatment? How can you get it? Well, you can't find it in any store though you can find some assistance for it in your local drugstore. Ok, I'll tell's sleep. Yup, sleep. Works wonders! Now if I could just get a decent night of it I could knock this Starbucks addiction and probably stop getting the spins from so much caffiene.

Sigh. Even though T.D. sleeps through the night I am still as restless as ever. I really try to get my 8 or so hours in each night which requires me heading to bed at the early hour of 9 p.m. most nights. I know, I know but I get up at 4:30 a.m. most mornings for work. Disgusting isn't it? Still, sleep eludes me. I am awake thinking nonsensical things like, do we need hamster food? When should I stop and get it? Oh wait! We don't own a hamster. Or do we? Will we? Will we ever have to buy one of those rodents for T.D.? Yeah, crap like that runs through my brain. See, I told you nonsensical! Sometimes I dig out a Unisom or Sonata but they both leave me with a bad headache so I have to stop using those. Ick.

Those nights were I do sleep really well are pure heaven. I wake up refreshed and happy. My eyes are brighter and skin is glowier. Is glowier a word. I don't think so. My sleepless brain has just made it up.

The lights just went out in my office so I'm going to use that as an excuse for randomly falling asleep at my desk.

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