Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Oh No She Didn't!

It seems that T.D.'s personality is really beginning to come through either that or the teething she is going through has made her slightly more devious than normal. Last night I had her in my lap on the couch. We were playing games and it seems Lex, the dog, wanted to play too. Unfortunately T.D. does not have the coordination or strength to pull on Lex's bone and play tug of war. So she just smiled at her furry little friend. To Lex this only encouraged her and she started playfully barking at T.D. Despots hate demands being made on them and T.D. started to cry. Pitifully so and basically just some crocodile tears with an added lip pout thrown in for good measure. H came over and yelled at Lex to stop barking and this was great fun to T.D. She just looked at Lex and started to laugh at her- a deep belly laugh that said- Ha! Ha! You got in trouble! H and I had to hide our laughter behind our hands as Lex just glared at T.D. from beneath the coffee table. I don't think this is the last we see of a situation like this.

On a whole other note I had a man in my office ask me a question yesterday. I had mentioned a few months previous that H and I were thinking of buying a house in the city in a year or so. H has just accepted a job outside the city so I guess this guy was thinking that we would no longer be considering this move. He said, "So I guess with H's new job you won't be moving into the city." I said, "Well not neccesarily. We may still do that. Why?" He seemed to have something weighing on him heavily here. He sighed rather dramatically and his forehead puckered and he says, " Well, you are just too young to die." EXCUSE ME WHAT?! Oh right, the whole state of emergency the city is in because of the recent "crime wave". I just blinked and looked at him and then said, "Actually, they just had a major drug and gun bust in my area (suburbia) last week so I really don't think it makes a difference. Besides I don't go living my life like that- Oh I might die, I might get jacked, etc. Anyways, we might not even live in this country next year, who knows. We're open to all kinds of possibilities." He just looked at me and said, "You are very bold you know, too bold for me." Gee thanks, yeah I couldn't have married someone like you who is afraid of cruise ships (they are steaming germ fests/death traps), won't travel (pickpockets you know!) and stays in the same job, same position for 25 years!! That's just not me. There's a reason I refer to this man as D&G (Doom & Gloom) - now you know.

In other news, I have heard an interesting rumor- our very own Dark lord- a.k.a Dick Cheney might not have graduated from college? Tres interesant. I must research this further.

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  1. Where did H. accept job at? You prob. don't want to post here, but email me. :)



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