Thursday, July 13, 2006

News and Notes

Someone near my desk must have started smoking. It is all I have smelled all day as I battle a migraine from stress and lack of sleep. I want to eat bad food and take a giant nap. On my list of foods McD's hash browns tops the list- sadly it's after 10 a.m. and as I'm no longer homicidal I can't use the zoloft as an excuse to take hostages in McDonald's and demand hash browns all around!
Work continues to pummel me. The circles under my eyes are now a dark bruised color, my skin has no glow and it's breaking out. Fabulous!! I feel pretty! Oh so pretty! My back hurts and my head is throbbing. I just want to lay in a darkened room and sleep for about 15 hours. I'll wake up refreshed and trot out into some sunshine, promptly sneeze and then go to the pool. Oh wait! I have a job and it's cloudy out again today. Oh well. I guess I'll just have to imagine that while I'm sitting at my desk I'm not hearing some whiney woman's voice on a conference call/speaker phone FOUR cubes over. HELLO! Are you that deaf?! Just pick up the phone and talk no one needs to hear about new buyer procedures. I'm trying to write here.
Last night Lex, our dog was so afraid of the thunder and lightening that she believed was going to incinerate our house to the ground, she proceeded to follow me around, hide under the couch, under T.D.'s swing while she napped and crawl into T.D.'s bouncy seat with her. T.D. would have none of that. Despots do not share their thrones. She did however manage to grace me with her carrot and formula vomit. Yeah, motherhood! I've always wanted that mixture projectile puked onto me after I just put on clean clothes. Fun.
It's almost lunchtime and I will resist the urge to pop down the street and buy a massive bucket of cream soup, stuff myself with bread and bloat and read my new chick lit book, 'The Ivy Chronicles'. Gee, I wonder what made me pick that up? It's a fun read if you like that whole insane parents of NYC thing who will do ANYTHING (nothing short of murder!) to get their pre-school baby into a Baby Ivy school. That and I'm reading Anderson Cooper's new book about his travels during the wake of Katrina and the war.
OOOhhhh- someone just asked me to go to Five Guys. I think I will pass on that one. I like my arteries to be somewhat clean. I don't need them clogged up in one visit.

Til next time...

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