Monday, July 24, 2006

The hell?

Driving to work this morning I hear this on the radio. Charlie Sheen is asking for $1 Million per episode of his show 'Two and a Half Men'. Ok, if that isn't weird enough he feels he can command this price because 1.) he's been nominated for an Emmy for it, and 2.) It's the number one rated comedy show in the country. WHAT?! Seriously? That show is total crap! The few times I've accidently seen a minute or two of that moronic thing he's wearing the same stupid khaki shorts that I'm always afraid will show me more of Mr. Sheen than I want to see and that kid just looks fatter than he did the last time. How on earth is this the number one comedy?! WHO IS WATCHING THIS? Please tell me because no one I know watches this tripe.

No wonder shows like Arrested Development and Sons & Daughters don't last. The country watches bile like Rodney, Life with Jim and Mr. Sheen. What next?

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