Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th of July! Sparklers and All!

It's the 4th of July. How this happened I have no idea. It seems like only moments ago it was March yet at the same time my May birthday feels like eons ago. I love this day. To me it's not complete without sparklers and hearing the snap, pop and boom of a fireworks display. Sadly, I rarely have the luck of seeing such a thing. Crowds always kept my parents away from arguably some the best fireworks in the country each year that were practically in our backyard. I had to be content to listen to them off in the distance. I think that's why today I go so nuts for them. The few times we did go fog usually rolled in off our beaches obscuring the light show so that again only the distant booms could be heard.
T.D. is decked out in red, white and blue today in honor of her home baseball team. I'm sure when I take her to the grocery store later I'll get- oh how old is HE? A lot. Oddly enough yesterday she was in all yellow and people knew she was a girl. I will never get this. We're hoping to head to the pool with some friends and we'll see if the despot decides to show any kind of reaction to the water. This past weekend there was nothing. Camera ready and set in her pink and yes, ruffly bathing suit she didn't even bat an eye as we plunged her in. Feet first, nothing. Up to her waist not even a smile or cry. So much for that photo op.
While you are out and about today celebrating our country's birth and patriotism think of those who are not home with their families to enjoy this day. Reflect on what and who built this great land. It despite it's traffic, gross obesity and worship of sugar and fat is not a bad place to live. You can get anything you want whenever you want. You can, within reason, go and do what you want whenever as well. No one will question you unless you have taken a hostage or something. So fire up the grill, eat your soy dog or your nitrate filled one, have a cold one- soda or beer and sit back and enjoy your friends and family. And if you have the inkling to do so - see some fireworks they make you feel five again and like you have the whole world in front of you.

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