Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Say It Ain't So

It's Wednesday, after the 4th. It feels like a Monday. No, I don't have a "case of the Mondays". I do however, have a lovely sty in my right eye, my throat hurts from smoking (Bad Bad Bad Me) and I went to bed too late for the ungodly time I have to wake up. Oy! Somehow, after two cycles of dishes there are still more in my sink. I think they are cloning each other.
So last night while out on my deck with my friend and neighbor smoking and chatting the other neighbors came out to watch the backyard fireworks going on. Yeah, the poop neighbors. Before I go any further, I'm happy to report that I think this fued has ended. Seems their dog walker is partly to blame for the mess and we caught her in the act. That and a notice went out from the HOA this weekend to everyone with the number and consequences on it if this keeps happening. We're poop free for another week! WHOO HOO!!! On to a more disturbing subject involving them though. My friend decides to say hi and chat them up. Come to find out- they are liberals. Sigh... I'm not going to get all political here but this does mean I have something in common with them. Damn! I know that is so immature of me but I was really hoping I would have NOTHING in common with them. The fact that the girl was wearing a t-shirt saying, 'Somewhere in Texas a village is missing it's idiot" delights me. It goes with the onesie I keep meaning to buy for T.D. stating, 'I'm smarter than the President.' They had also spent part of their holiday weekend seeing 'An Inconveient Truth', you know Al Gore's witty, intelligent documentary that is supposedly not boring even though he's the star. They loved it and the talking continued. Now I'm tempted to talk to them. They seem nice enough. Hmmph. I suppose I have to grow up sometime.
We continue to try to get T.D. in the pool this weekend. She just simply does not care one way or another. No reaction again. I guess like any good dicatator she does not need to show emotions in front of her subjects.

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  1. I had no idea you were a liberal...and you named your child Reagan? Hmmm.. LOL

    Anyway, no wonder you love Heather's Blog so much! :) Anyway, I'm sorta an I guess you can still be my friend! LOL Totally joking!!!


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