Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Enough Already!

Coincidentally last night was the regular viewing night for that awful show- Two and a Half Men. I'm scanning the channels and it's just started. Scene one- Charlie Sheen is in ... you guessed it! Khaki shorts. These have cargo side pockets. How creative. I flip through some more channels and ten minutes later just for giggles I flip back to the dreaded two man show. He's wearing shorts again! I wonder if it's a Sheen thing or if the wardrobe person for the show just really hates him and knows he has knobby knees and chicken legs and it's their personal joke each week. Either way it's enough! The man needs some pants!
While flipping through the networks I stop on H's fave show- Hell's Kitchen. One of the characters utters this line- He's dead to me. I just stopped. I mean Come the F on. Everyone says that these days. She's dead to me. You're Dead to me. He's Dead to me. On and on. Everyone utters it on tv and on the street. It's dawned on me in the last few months how overused this phrase is. It's lost it's verve. It has no meaning now. When people used to say it, it sounded cold. Now it's just trite and every other person and tween says it. I just turned to H and said you know - that saying- I'm done I gave the universal hand gesture of "I'm out Dealer" and finito. It's dead to me.

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