Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Question of the Week-#1

I am hoping to dispel myths, create discussions and obtain viewpoints from my readers so each week I would like to pose a question. Please feel free to comment on it or email me your thoughts and I'll post them on the blog. Now on to my first question-

When you think of a new mother what images pop into your mind and why?

I know for me I picture a woman unshowered, sleep deprived with messy hair and in a less than fashionable outfit on. There might be a diaper hanging off her somewhere and a child sweetly asleep nearby. That kid is about the only being in the house who is getting any sleep. There is probably a sink full of dishes, an entire floor of laundry to do and dead flowers in florist vases littering the house. If there is a pet in the home, it's a good bet that poor creature is skulking around the house in search of anyone to pet them.

I know I had all this mind when Reagan was born. I was horrified to hear stories of days without showers, multiple days in a row in fact. I couldn't fathom it. I still can't. After delivering her and all the ickiness your body produces after the fact and the giant Depends like pads that you must wear how can one not shower?!? I found the swing to be my best friend and still do. I put her in it - it's a small portable one and it stays in the bathroom. I plop her in and shower away. Sometimes she cries but if I'm not clean I don't feel like a good person or mom. That's just me. Some women might think the idea of letting her cry for 5 minutes is bad but I guess I'm just a 70's throwback mom and proud of it.


  1. I think the portable swing in the bathroom sounds like a good idea. I have not given birth yet...but do not intend to give up showers once I do. I normally take two a day and going to none would just be too much. I think you have to take care of yourself too. Granted my showers may go from 20 min to 10, but I must be clean.

    When I think of a new mom I picture a woman about to kill the next unsuspecting person to heap "advice" in the form of criticism on her. I dread telling some people I am pregnant because I see them with their kids; they are not experts. I think its a rough time for anyone.


  2. Thanks Siobhan! I think you are right. That was the last thing I wanted to hear at the end of my pregnancy- advice! And as a new Mom.


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