Thursday, January 12, 2012

One Lazy SOB

When you decide that you are going to put your all into your work.  Things get left undone.

You make one pot pie and the whole kitchen decides it needs to join in.
When you decide that you are also going to train for a half-marathon, the laundry monster takes up some real estate.  Like a bathtubs worth of real estate because your ass (is it smaller yet, huh, huh?) is always at the gym logging treadmill miles.

Look! Parts of the beast are moving into other baskets! It can't be stopped!

Don't let this paltry amount fool you into thinking this is the end.  Oh no, it is residing in corners, on shelf ledges, on stairs and on couches.  There might even be some in an actual hamper.  Gasp!

My floors are a crumby, sticky mess.  My bathrooms have enough toothpaste in the sinks to fill a few tubes and there are enough toys strewn about my house to fill a daycare.  It looks like I am one lazy SOB as of late.

When you decide that 2012 is going to be the precursor to a really successful 2013.  That this is the year you decide whether or not you are going to continue doing this whole social media thing or throw in the towel.  Well, towels end up unwashed and left for dead on bathroom floor.  They might also be able to stand up on their own.  Dishes remain in the sink and a village of ants could eat off your table for a week.

After years of creating fuck trophies, er, kids, I have a what some might call a fever.  A fever for ... not cowbell, but more along the lines of redesigning both blogs and making some changes to how I work and promote myself.  Things will begin to look different on both sites. Content will change a bit and I'll be around more.  Hopefully, I will be popping up in more places too. 

I leave you with this-  because it had me laughing so hard I cried and then almost puked. 

"It Did What In Your Mouth?"

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