Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dumb Ass Moves

Sometimes I make some real dumb ass moves.  Like rubbing someones phone down my pants* or picking a fight. Dumb assery is not to be confused with plain ol' stupidity (Whoo hoo!  I'm totally going to drive topless!*) or complacency (Oh! Were you trying to drive through that green light?  I have no actual awareness of the world outside my self-induced bubble and like I totally feel like crossing the street right now. My bad...) 

I was a total dumb ass for watching FX's new show, 'American Horror Story' while cleaning out my attic crawl space.  Yup, I actually lugged my laptop up there with me and while squished into a dark, tiny spot loaded with crevices and hidden areas I decided to watch people get killed by a haunted house.  Dumb ass!

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that TD and The Comedian made a dumb ass move by waking up wicked early and instead of a) going back to sleep or b) playing quietly in their room  they opted for c) howling like wild dogs at the moon.  After all, the moon was still out, right? 

I'm the dumb ass who totally bought the crock of crap my kids told me this week about carrot stew.  They love the story the 'Tawny Scrawny Lion' and persuaded me that they would love it if I made carrot soup.  So I did.  I spent hours peeling carrots, chopping and dicing vegetables and pureeing it all into carrot stew for them.  TD took one bite and stated, "Sometimes my throat doesn't like things and it throws up in my mouth." 

*True Story
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  1. I absolutely love the comment your child made about carrot soup not being liked by his throat. Hillarious!
    You can tell they were possibly trying to be nice...

    "It's not your cooking, its my throat" LOL!

  2. Anonymous7:08 PM

    TD is hilarious. As for AHS, I made Drew look in all the closets before I would go to bed after watching it.


  3. I only watched the first episode and I watched a lot of it through my hands.

    I told Gabe you watched it in your crawl space. I think that even freaked him out a little.


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