Thursday, September 01, 2011

Looking Good No Matter What?

When you look at this ad what do you see? What comes to mind? Are you distracted by the couch? Do you think of Mad Men? Do you see the necklace as a strangulation device?

I'm partial to that last one. When I first looked at this photo my first thought was that the necklace and the man had sinister intentions. When I saw the black eye and the slogan, "Look good in all you do" I was appalled. My question is this- are you offended? Do you see this ad as controversial and depicting domestic violence as acceptable?

And to think that I was all set to post this photo only. It seems that "my sensitivity", my "political correctness" is too high these days. Maybe its because I'm an emotional mum who has two kids starting school this fall. Maybe the 11th anniversary of my grandfather's death just hit me harder than normal. Yeah, that was me all red-eyed and teary yesterday. I couldn't keep my wits about me for half the day. Maybe I just think it is totally unacceptable to tolerate this type of ad and t-shirt for anyone.

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