Thursday, August 11, 2011

Give it Up for Rhode Islander, Viola Davis & The Help

Kathryn Stockett, Emma Stone, Viola Davis

Browsing my Entertainment Weekly and having just seen an advanced screening of the movie, The Help I read that actress, Viola Davis is from Central Falls, Rhode Island.

Really?! She grew up in Narragansett and Central Falls? She went to RIC!

I wonder if she longs for clamcakes like I do and thinks of crisp, clean lemony Del's drinks on long summer days. Does she crave Newport Creamery grilled cheese sandwiches? Does she actually know what Jai Alai is and doesn't just think it is some now defunct client from Mad Men? I bet she calls her turn signals directionals too.

I already loved this woman for her roles in Doubt, Syriana, Without a Trace, Traveler, and State of Play. Now, I like her even more. Her portrayal of Abileen was spot on in The Help.

I'm pleased to say that the movie follows the book rather closely too. That doesn't happen very often in films. You will laugh out loud. You will sit in a theater full of sniffling, tears falling and nose blowing and probably applaud at the end. It is a truly heartfelt, lovely film that I would gladly see again.

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  1. I love her! She is such a great actress... I did not realize that was her that played in doubt.


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