Monday, June 13, 2011

A Bug's Life

Yesterday morning I opened the door to the den and found a rather large and disturbing bug hanging on for dear life. Or so I thought. Apparently it just wanted to come over to our house for a bit of a vacay.

When we returned home later that day (like hours and hours later) H said to me, "Hon? Have you seen this thing on the door?" I looked over and sure enough that ginormous bug was still in the EXACT. SAME. SPOT on the door. It was weird and I had to go to the Internets to figure out what it was and it turns out is some sort of seed bug that is into hibernating.

I learned a valuable lesson though. Don't google random bug descriptions with the words 'large' involved. You will get freaked out beyond belief and won't be able to stop itching and scratching for hours on end. I'm still convinced there are bugs in my hair right now.


  1. And if you google "large" bug with "India" or "Africa" you'll see things so scary you'll want to quit the internet all together.

  2. You are so funny! I enjoy reading your blog! Becca Russell (Cinda-Becca ;))


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