Monday, May 09, 2011

Recipe for a Great Mother's Day

Yesterday was Mother's Day. In our house, predictable me, tends to ask for the same thing each year. No cooking, no dishes, sleeping in and a book.

Over the years H has created sort of a recipe for a very successful Mother's Day. He knows that a happy woman equals a happy house and a happy H. Do unto others and all that good stuff...

H's recipe for a great Mother's Day-

Tell kids in advance what Operation M-Day entails. Protocol is as follows: no fighting or screaming while Mommy is sleeping. Do not wake Mommy! Wake Daddy and do it quietly. Go into stealth mode in the morning, if needed.

We eat what Mommy wants to eat today. There will be crepes with strawberries and a pile of bacon so high you won't believe it. Many pigs gave their life for this breakfast. Thai food will follow.

If Mommy wants to be left alone in a silent house we will comply. Bags will be packed and we will leave Mommy to do her Pilates and Cardio Disco Dance on On Demand. She can shave her legs and dry her hair in peace.

If Mommy wants to visit her friends and sit for hours on her friend's deck drinking wine and eating soft cheeses with brownies "on crack" this is what she will get. Doritos being thrown over her friends deck is a nice surprise attack. Nice touch Secret Agent H. The ladies of the deck thank you for your service.

Upon her return we will present Mommy with gifts, adorable paintings made by small hands and cupcakes made sweeter because they were made with love. Thai food will be served in front of a viewing of Mad Men made possible by Netflix after the kids are in bed.

Thank you H, for such a truly fabulous Mother's Day. I know it was hard work to do it and every bit of it was amazing and appreciated. I loved it. You really know how to do it up right.

I love you.

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  1. So glad you had such an incredible day. Nice work, H! And I loved being a part of it. Doritos + wine forever!


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