Thursday, April 28, 2011

Why Doesn't Obama Surf Anyway?

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Believe It or Believe It - Obama Releases Long-Form Birth Certificate
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I'm not even going to go into Trump. If you support him on this one, well what starts with a 'ch' and rhymes with Trump? Yeah, that's what you'll be.

I just want to know when did we become so bogged down with BS like this? Was it when we went 24/7 with the news? Is the internet to blame? Did the Lewinsky mess just catapult us over into full-time "we need a scandal" mode and establish a new realm of disrspect for the President and its office? We can't have things both ways. We can't demand respect from our leaders and politicans when we don't offer them respect to begin with and we don't display it ourselves in our everyday lives to each other.

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