Friday, April 01, 2011

Mummy's Randomness

I have this other blog. Sshh..don't tell a soul.  It's all about the deep pits of me.  I put all my hates, desires and creepy thoughts on there that are so twisted and dark you might get retinal bleeding if your read it. 

Cue the "I'm so deep, dark and torturted" music from 1994.

Right.  Actually there are khaki overalls and pictures of cake. 

I started it eons ago to take my food picture addiction to another level.  And then guess what happened. Nothing. It was basically me uploading pictures of food and then me gazing longingly at the food pictures and whatever inane thing I posted on there. 

I decided to go through it the other day as the last time it was updated was (no lie) four years ago and found a meme from Jen Lancaster. For reals.  Hey, I said it was last worked on it in 2007. 

Since I still take really random food pics.  You know you do it too.  I might start updating it again.  If only to mark my adventures in eating which right now are my only way of "world travel". 

Can we file this blog post under "because it's my blog"?  KTHX.

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  1. I love taking pictures of my food. I take several a week. And now I'm taking photos of Muffin with her food.


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