Monday, March 28, 2011

Overheards- A is for Axe.

Scene:  Bedtime.  I am reading the girls a story out of a Richard Scarry book.  As I read I point out objects on the intricately drawn pages and ask TD what each object is. 

V:  OK, and what is this?

TD:  A windmill.

V:  Good.  And this? 

TD:  An axe.

V:  Great! What do you use an axe for?

TD:  Um... cutting people up! 

V:  (I burst out laughting and look down at her sweet upturned face.I caress her cheek with my hand and squeeze her little chin. Tiny pin pricks of tears well in my eyes.  She is my child! I smile.) Well, yes you could use an axe to cut people up but it isn't very nice and would hurt them a lot.  Unless they are already dead.  What you really want to use an axe for is cutting and chopping up wood.

Should I even mention that The Comedian does a killer zombie impression?

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  1. You have to love the innocence of a child's knowledge base! Their ability to over generalize makes me smile over and over again!


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