Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

I could so easily turn this into some saptastic post about how much I love Valentines Day.  I do.  Bite me, about the commercialization.  It's my Dad's birthday (say 'Happy Birthday!' to my Dad, Internets!) and I just love sending Valentines to people. I'm a dork, I know. Go ahead and say it.  Plus, red is my favorite color. 

I could fill you in on all the non-crafty craft projects I've done with my kids that include giving them heart post-it's because I'm that lame.  You want a craft kid?  Here! It's paper that sticks to things!  Here's a red nub of a crayon. Have it!  Isn't this fun, huh?  Heh. 

There are hearts.  There are flowers.  There's even candy. Now above the fridge because some two year-old felt it was in her best interest to commander a giant heart-shaped box o'chocolates and eat them under the kitchen table and on the couch. Before 7 a.m.

We like it cliche in this house, I suppose.

Nevertheless, Happy Valentines Day!

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