Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Behold! Embarrassing Ipod Songs Come to Life!

The other day I asked the goons over on Facebook what their most embarrassing songs were on their iPods. This is what I got. 

NKOTB- The Right Stuff

The entire Sasha Fierce album from an unlikely source.

Christopher Cross' "Sailing"  (Yeah, that's pretty bad.  But I have the theme song from the movie 'Arthur' by him so I'm in the same boat. Pun totally intended.) Dawn, this one's for you. Get zen.  Both songs make me feel like I'm five and riding in my parents Datsun 200SX while I chew on the upholstery piping. 

Lisa, Lisa and the Cult Jam

All Night Long by Lionel Richie

Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake (Oh, I'm sorry?  That's embarrassing? Embarrassing is having 'Dick in a Box' on your iPod. Everyone has Sexy Back.)

Jesse Mccartney, Beautiful Soul.  (I don't even know what to do with that except to say, at least it isn't a Justin Beiber song.)  It pains me to even link to this one.  Blargh.

More NKOTB with Popsicle. (I didn't even know this song existed.) I plastered my walls with Rick Astley back in the day and not Dorchester's finest thank you very much.  Yes, there's like four Rick Astley songs on my player too.  Watching the video for Never Gonna Give You Up totally makes me realize I liked boys in junior high based on how much they looked like Rick. Sigh...

29 different Kanye West songs.  And I actually don't see a problem with this one.  OK, it's me.  I have 29 Kanye West songs on my iPod.  I don't care. I fully admit to lovin' me some Kanye.  You can't tell me nuthin'.  TD went to sleep listening to Touch the Sky  and Heard Em Say her first six months. 

I also admit to having Mahna Mahna and the theme song to the Muppets on there. It totally relaxes me and puts me in a good mood each time. 

Slave 4 U by Britney.  Of all the songs, that one has to have some sort of kinky meaning behind it as a choice for the pod.

I found I'm Too Sexy by Right Said Fred (tell me you aren't catwalking your living room hearing this mouthing every single word), Positive K's "I Got a Man" (can I please have a round of applause for all the styles in that video? Damn! The 90's were cruel. Can someone tell me why there is a full mango on a plate in the video's cafe scene?) and Chris Rock's 'No Sex in the Champagne  Room' on mine.

What is the most embarrassing, cringeworthy, would die if someone heard you belting it out on the treadmill song on your Ipod or MP3 player?


  1. Lucky by Britney Spears. At least Slave 4 U was kind of edgy when it came out. There is nothing redeeming about Lucky.

  2. Anonymous2:15 PM

    Oh, dear....I have Mm-Bop by Hanson. It's so happy sounding and I like it on the elliptical!! ....please still be my best friend....? -E

  3. Does E win with "Mm-Bop"?

    I'm also sorry to say that I did find yet another NKOTB song on the good ol' ipod the other day. I also found "OPP" but I see nothing wrong with that and it adds a little bounce to the longer training walks. ;)

    PS- I'm with you on Rick Astley. He was dreamy.


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