Monday, January 10, 2011

Words Opened Doors

Someone said to me recently, "You have to start being really careful about what you put on Facebook."  And no, it wasn't my mother that said this.  When I asked what this person was talking about it all had to do with Words

Of course.

Except, here is the thing, Facebook picks up my blog.  Words was picked up and posted there just like all the others.  I'm fine with that. H is fine with that.  Yes, it was deeply personal but anyone that knows me also knows that being deeply personal is pretty much what I am all about.  I've talked about the raw, dark deal that Post Partum Depression is- twice.  I've written about domestic violence and its personal ties to me. 

So there's that.

Since Words, things have changed in our house.  That post opened a door in communication between H and I that we hadn't had in quite a while. It hasn't stopped either and while I can't say we are out of the woods or any of those words have been forgotten being so open has helped us so much. Without lambasting H he read and understood.  We have work to do, but we know it, have accepted it and are more open with each other instead of being so cautious and full of closed off fury. 

Besides, isn't this whole personal blog thing all about being well, personal? 


  1. Yes.

    It really is.

    Then again, it is also why I don't have my whole blog feed going up on facebook. But you have always been braver than I.

  2. Anonymous11:33 AM

    I thik the personalization of your blog is what makes it special and great. - E


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