Monday, January 03, 2011

Randomness 2011 Style

If you type in 'Black Swan' into Netflix it will tell you that you might also like films such as, 'In Bruges' and 'Fight Club'.  While I haven't seen 'Black Swan' that certainly tells me quite a lot about it right there. It's on the list now. 

James Franco might only be co-hosting the Oscars this year (so far) but I wouldn't be surprised if he was also trying to pull a "Pinky and Brain" on us.  With that secretive smile that guy is everywhere these days. General Hospital, losing an arm in 127 Hours, slathering on the makeup in Candy and writing a book. Somehow I still think of him as Daniel from 'Freaks and Geeks'

Speaking of the Oscars, does anyone else think that Anne Hathaway co-hosting the event is a bit bizarre?  They may be trying to reach a younger audience but I don't get her charm and appeal.  If it weren't for Franco I would probably bail on the event this year.

Raise your hand if you think Dick Clark should step down from the NYE gig for good.  That's what I thought. You may all put your hands down now. 

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