Thursday, December 02, 2010

The Thursday Crank

Things making me cranky this week-

I took the all three kids to the dentist on Tuesday.  TD was getting her six month check-up and The Comedian was going for the first time.  It was 3 p.m. and I knew we were chancing it.  It could have been so much worse, I know that.  The Comedian could have kicked and screamed in the chair.  The Fifth Element could have cried and fussed more than she did.  As it was, corralling a two year-old while her big sister gets her teeth cleaned and simultaneously trying to rock a baby in a carrier while she screams is a tough feat.  When we got home I ate six snack sized Kit-Kat bars in a moment of stressed out weakness.  Yup.  Did I mention I also smeared them in peanut butter before cramming them into my piehole? Oh yes I did!  Jillian Michael's should kick me in the teeth for such gluttony.

I think it would be a great piece of irony if Sarah Palin was mauled by a real Mama Grizzly while filming her new Alaskan reality show.

Mario Lopez and his dimples either have a deal with the devil or Jedi mind trick powers to be able to keep working in the Hollywood system.  "Keep letting me smile my way on camera.  These are the dimples you are looking for..." Blech.

I found myself awake at 1:30 in the morning earlier this week.  I decided to read and eat some dried cereal.  Suddenly The Comedian woke up effectively nixing the idea that I can eat alone at any point in the day. 

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  1. It's okay, the peanut butter makes the kit kats a healthy snack. Trust me on this, I've been smearing peanut butter on Hershey bars all week long.


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