Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Wednesday Crank

I don't know what is going on right now but people are seriously cranky out there today.  I have a cold and deadlines and I would much rather be laying in bed watching bad television and nursing this two week long snot-fest but I'm not cranky. 

Except when I see this stuff then I get all firey, 'van down by the river', Andy Rooney like cranky-

Amazon has a Kindle book for sale that is a 'how to' on pedophilia.  Yes, really. It's got us Twitter folks all up in arms.  Even those who may not have babes in them.  Just sick and wrong Amazon. Flag this as innappropriate, people. Let's get it off the site.

That kid from the new 2011 Toyota Highlander commercials.  I sort of want to beat his little snot-nosed, leather bomber wearing jacket self up each time I see it.  I tell you what's "lame" you little whippersnapper! You and the Toyota marketing team who thought selling an image like that would be cool.  Just ick. 

All the articles in magazines and websites regarding how not to gain 'holiday pounds'.  I'm over it. I'm still plowing through my kids Halloween candy people.  TWO KIDS WORTH!  I know my limits. I work out. I'm moderate- most days.  SHUT THE F UP about the holiday pounds. It's so boring and done.  Like 1997 done.  Note:  The same magazine will then display glossy photos of holiday baked goods to make for your friends and family to feast on.  Let them gain the pounds I suppose.  Heh.

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  1. Can I just say DITTO to all of the above!


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