Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Overheards- Alone and Starving

Just when you think you are handling your business you have a moment like this-

Scene:  Target.  Do I even need to explain anymore?  I had bought a pair of basic, black pants on a whim the other day and picked up the wrong size.  I now needed to drag the kids right before lunch time to the store to return the small pair and get a size bigger.  Awesome, on all accounts.  TD had already lobbed a few hangers at me in the dressing room.  Apparently, Target is like, the most, um, boring place on earth and it is like, uh really impeding her life to be here.  Big Sigh. 


TD:  (Upon exiting the dressing room) "WHEN are we going to leave this place?!" (Insert big,  huffy sigh here.)

V:  "In a minute. I have to (struggle with pile of pants I've just tried on as I wrangle The Comedian in my other arm.) see if they have another size in this style."  I have to stop myself from screaming at the dressing room assistant who is smiling placidly at my struggles with both kids and pants.  Why isn't she taking the pants I'm proffering?

TD:  "I don't want to do THIS anymore!!!"  She turns to the oh-so-helpful dressing room assistant and says, "You know sometimes I am left home alone and starving..."



I had no reaction.  I couldn't at just that moment with an armful of toddler and pants. I was so stunned at this blatant lie that was coming from her four year-old mouth.  I wanted to run, scream, and hide.  I just looked at the woman in the dressing room, smiled and tossed the pants at her.  I grabbed TD and marched her to a corner of the jeans section and whispered in that stealth voice all Moms possess for public talking to's.  Where in the world does she get this? 

Then I remembered.  I was home alone with her this weekend while I lay sick in bed and she played near me.  I told her that she had to wait a few minutes until her Dad came home to get lunch.  I couldn't get out of bed. 

Ergo- she was home alone and starving.

I have never been so stunned by her in my life and at a loss for words than at that moment.  I felt like a big MOM=FAIL. 

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  1. Giiiiirrrrrrl, you have your hands full with that one!!


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