Monday, August 09, 2010

We Need an Eviction Notice

I am 38 weeks and counting with the Fifth Element and you know what?  I'm sick of counting. I need an eviction notice on this kid.  I have already cried about four times this morning from pain or some sort of suffering.  H is sick of it. I'm sick of it. I'm sure the girls are sick of it. This baby needs to get a move on.  I might start taking nurses and midwives hostage at my appointment today if I find out I haven't dilated anymore.  "Induce me or you are all getting Strep B tested!"

We're all very ready for this baby to arrive.  I arrived home from Blogher (I'll be getting to that obligatory post-Blogher update shortly.) yesterday and upon entering the DC Metro area I began to have contractions. Maybe it was the jostling train ride, the luggage I unloaded from the car (I didn't feel like waiting for H to come home to do it.) or the fighting the girls were incessantly doing but for a few hours it really felt like "go time".  I started packing my bag and writing down the times.  Then, nothing.

Today I'm an emotional mess.  As H said in a text to me recently, "Go dilation!" 

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  1. Hope this baby hears your message and gets a move on! You looked awesome, but I hear you---those last couple of weeks are HARD. Thinking of you!


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