Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Dear Owner/Lady Who Occupies My House with Me,

It's my birthday today. I am nine years old or 63 in dog years. In other words I am no young pup. I have a little birthday request to beg of you (yeah, I'll cop to it. I beg and I beg often.Bite me. Oh wait, It's your kid that does the biting.) Speaking of that kid, the one you call The Comedian, she's really not that funny with the skin twisting, butt-grabbing and hair pulling. Keep her off me for just one day, will ya? I kicked cancer this year I don't want to be done in by a toddler who thinks of me as her personal punching bag.
Also, I want something other than kibble for food and a nice cube of ice, no chunks, in my water dish would be delightful on a hot summers day. Sleeping in the bed and being left alone is just what my old bones need right now as well.

Thanks lady who shares my space. I know you keep telling me you are the reason I live in this house but I still like your husband better.

Lex, the dog


  1. Happy birthday, Lex! The boys send their love (from a distance).

  2. Adorable. Happy Birthday Lex! You join your cousins in the geriatric animals club (but still damn good looking.)


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