Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Maybe Toothpicks Will Work?

There is a scene in 'The Way We Were' where K-k-k-katie finds Hubble asleep on a bar stool in the midst of a roaring party.  I can relate.  These days I seem to fall asleep no matter where I am or what I'm doing. 

For example:

Maryland played Virginia Tech on Saturday.  It was a tied game all the way through. I tweeted to other like-minded bloggers to my hearts content and was really into the game.  It went into DOUBLE OVERTIME and just in the last minute.  Well, I don't know what happened.  The phone slipped from my hands as I lay down on the couch and just like that I missed the end of the game. I woke up minutes later to see the score on the screen.  Maryland had won but I had missed it.  All that excitement and I couldn't stay awake.  I didn't even know I fell asleep.

Last night it was the season finale of the Bachelor.  I knew I was too tired to make snarky remarks on MamaPop's open thread so I contented myself with just watching it alone.  I love me some bad, overly staged reality TV.  Oh the drama, the tears, the shaking when Neil Lane himself helps you pick out a ring.  And you don't even know who Neil Lane is.  Blargh.  I saw the first girl get canned. Dumbass.  And then.... huh.  There's a big gap.  Suddenly the other contestant, er, girl is smiling and it's commercial.  I rewound it and saw the proposal through half-lidded eyes and yup, I fell asleep again.  Next thing I know it's the 'After the Final Rose' ceremony.  Not that I missed anything earth-shattering but I didn't even know I fell asleep! Again.

And another thing. Lost is on tonight.  The Others might stop being so cranky for once and the show might actually reveal some secrets. I'll fall asleep and miss it.  Wait, what am I talking about?  I should just bank sleep now until the five-million hour finale when nothing will happen until the last five minutes. 


  1. So true about LOST. But I think I will be sad when this season is over and I have to say good-bye forever to Jack and Sawyer. The Oscars are on this weekend! Will you attempt those?

  2. Hi! Really like the look of your blog! Your blog was recommended by another blogger at POM's Connect MEme Monday!



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