Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wall Snot & Dust Bunnies

I don't know how it's possible but I'm nesting.  Already.  I'm barely four months pregnant and I can't stop organizing and cleaning.  My perfume is no longer French gardens after a monsoon but vinegar and earth-friendly toilet cleaner. 

One day I'm ripping apart The Comedian's closet or sending TD under the crib to retrieve lost baby socks and the next I'm wiping snot off of the walls.  Yeah...no one tells you just how disgusting kids can be, do they?  I mean dirty diapers, the spitting up you are prepared for, but wiping nose gremlins off your four year old's bedroom wall?  That's just not something I thought I would ever have to do or use a putty knife to do it.  Did I mention the crusted milk I removed from each and every slat on The Comedian's crib?  Yup. I scraped that off yesterday. I even dusted the diaper genie. 

More stuff has gone into storage.  Closests have been turned upside down.  Linens have been changed. I'm eyeing all the drapes in the house and wondering how much of my right arm it will cost at the dry cleaners to get them cleaned all at once.  I vacuumed my tub yesteday.  It's that bad.  The giant triangle-shaped tub that sold me on this house now never gets used.  So instead of reaching and bending to clean it I sucked up the dust with the vacuum.  I've dusted hampers, knick-nacks and refrigerator vents.  I have vacuumed baseboards, wiped chairs and enlisted H to follow me on this journey into cleaning madness.  He cleaned the oven for me.  I'm not even going to tell you how long it has been since that disgusting cave was last cleaned. 

I fell in love with my couch all over again the other day when I unzipped the covers and threw it all in the wash as I febreezed its insides.  Its like a sickness this nesting.  I'm powerless against it.  I scrubbed my dishwasher door with a toothbrush, people.  The dog beds have been cleaned on every level of the house and I've purged the house of tiny, worthless fast food toys, scraps of paper TD deemed important on random afternoons and any toy item that no longer matches a set. 

Maybe it's not nesting though. Maybe it is that we have been cooped up indoors so much due to this barrage of wintry weather that we can no longer handle the dust, dirt and grime we've created.  Staring at the same four walls each day has made me see not just the boogers but the dust bunnies too.  Either way I think that H prefers my eau de lemon juice and baking soda to the French gardens.


  1. So all I have to do to start cleaning is get pregnant?

  2. I have been in cleaning mode too. I think it is the weather and being cooped up in the house has definitely made me realize all the little grubbies that are hiding out. And I don't even have kids yet, though you'd be surprised the mess that two cats can make...or maybe you wouldn't.

  3. Bonus! At least your house is sparkling now - your spring cleaning is done early now!


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