Wednesday, January 06, 2010

2010- No More Excuses

I never watch 'The Biggest Loser'.  OK, maybe sometimes I catch a weigh in or two, but I don't know the players, their stories or their fight to lose the weight while at the ranch.  Since there was absolutely nothing else on TV last night and I felt ridiculously tired, I lay there like a sacraficial lamb and allowed the show's newest season to unfold before my eyes.

And I cried.  I gasped.  My hand flew to my mouth as I watched these people struggle and I laughed as they endured the wrath of Jillian, who climbs atop treadmills to yell in your face like a tiny, wronged monkey.  At least she didn't tell them to gargle their hearts. Yet. 

It was then that I realized I was at the closing of my fifth day of self-imposed 'no sugar/no alcohol' month.  Oh.  Right. Month.  When I write it that way.... WILL.NOT.FEEL.FUTILE!

After dreaming of sugar it actually hasn't been as hard as I thought.  I resisted the birthday cake this past weekend.  I stopped putting sugar in my tea and I've eaten a bit more fruit than normal but even after a day or two of that it has stopped.  I've stopped thinking about it too.  Having fajitas last night with no beer was sad but we survived.  Tomorrow's girls night will be an even bigger test.

H, on the other hand, wanted to curse me to all eternity. His Facebook status proves it-

"Why the hell did I agree to cut out all alcohol, fried food, and processed sugar for the month of January? I think I’m going to start smoking again just to get through this. Thanks Vicky, no really, thanks Vicky."

Well, at least we are in good company.  It is January after all and people are trying to make lasting changes in their lives.  It's hard but worth it.  You can do it and it helps when you have others on the journey with you.  If someone offers to help you reach your goal, whatever it is, then you should seriously consider their offer. No matter how tired you feel, 2010 is the year of 'No More Excuses!'

And that's my two cents. 

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