Tuesday, December 29, 2009

This ain't no Billy Blanks Kickboxing

Five minutes of jumping rope.

100 push-ups.

150 squats.

200 sit-ups.

That's how kick-boxing class started.  That was just the warm up.  After that?

There was still another forty minutes left of class.  Oh, and an ab routine.  Did I mention the murder on my post-two-baby abs?  I felt like such a wussy weakling. 

My tailbone is so sore today.  It hasn't been this sore since I fell on the ice at age eight and chipped it.  Oddly enough, that is where I am sore the most.  I feel like I need a little pad attached to my butt or one of those inflatable donuts to sit on. 

Before the class I felt like a scared little bunny.  After the class I felt taller and like I could really kick some box!  Like a cardboard box post-Christmas that's been sitting on the curb waiting for the trashman.  Yup, I would really tear that cardboard box a new one.

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