Tuesday, November 03, 2009

I'm Like Forrest Gump Just Without the Scraggly Beard

Saturday morning I ran seven miles. I've never run that far before, 6.2 being my longest run until then. I did better than I thought, only stopping to walk for a minute when I hit 6.5 miles. I just couldn't get over how tired my legs felt or how tight my hip flexors were becoming.

Back in May when I began training for the 5k I thought 3.5 miles was far. I never thought I would want to run beyond that. I have always liked running, feeling that high and how cleansed my whole being feels after a good run. I just did quick 20-30 minute runs without any concept of my mileage or speed. It was purely for fun and as a form of exercise. Now here I am at seven miles. I didn't think that I could run for so long alone and like it.

At about mile 5.5 this song by The Donna's, came on my iPod and it re-energized me to the point where I ran my fastest all morning and uphill. I think I might have thrown a few air punches as I belted out the lyrics too. I believe spit flew through the air with gusto as well. I started thinking about my upcoming 10k and how I need to use it to qualify for my first half-marathon. 13.1 miles. How did I get to this point where running is now my thing? I drool over Road ID's (black please!) and wick away shirts. I peruse running websites on a regular basis and love talking about it all with other runners.

I can't get technical about it or that scientific though, I thought. I realized then and I know I said it aloud as I thumped across a wet, leaf strewn sidewalk, "I'm like Forrest Gump. I just felt like running." So I did.

Don't forget to head out and VOTE today!

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  1. Welcome to the club. I'm so jealous you can go to an actual store and drool over running stuff. I really need new shoes but hate to buy them online, even though I know which ones I like.


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