Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Another Scintillating Blog Post

In other news-

TD has eaten a pound of yogurt this morning. Literally. How do I know? Half the two pound container is now gone. The girl has to have the healthiest digestive system on the planet. She should be Stonyfield Farm's spokesperson or ambassador to the non-yogurt eating out there. TD's digestive tract could kick Jamie Lee Curtis's digestive tract in a dueling yogurt fight any day of the week. Bring it on Ms. Curtis! TD double dog dares you.

She has also informed me that it is Cuppy's birthday. That time of year again already? Where does the time go. To celebrate she has instructed that we all eat Halloween candy. That is the way Cuppy wants it. She's clever. It must be all that yogurt she's eating.

I can't stop scratching. My hands, wrists and ankles are on fire. I feel possessed by well, a scratchy itch monster or something akin that. What else makes your nerve endings feel like they are bouncing off the walls?

My Blackberry isn't receiving emails for some reason. It coincides with my iPod going all wonky on me. I know some people can have this effect on electronic things, but really? Both my lifelines at once?! Air. I need air. Blood. Leaving. My. Body. Can't. Twitter. Must. Call. For. Help. Curses! Foiled again!

Find me here and here. Where I show I can um, actually write and not in this brain dead sort of way.

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