Wednesday, September 09, 2009

I'm Spider Bait and More

I feel like a fang banger today. A spider bit the inside of my thigh in two spots this past weekend. The next night, it happened again on the other leg.

Yesterday morning I woke up looking straight into the eyes of another spider. Yeah, fall! I keep seeing scenes from Aracnophobia playing out in my own personal version of hell.

I just ate a cupcake for breakfast. I've worked out five days each week for four weeks now. The fact that I'm finally starting to see results proves that I'm getting old. It used to take two days of Billy Blanks Tae-Bo to get my butt back into shape. Now I need running, Pilate's and Jillian and a minimum of five hours per week for weeks. Then, I eat a cupcake for breakfast. You know what? It was heaven.

I spent about six hours straight getting work done yesterday and it was bliss. I rarely get the chance to work uninterrupted for that long anymore and sometimes I just crave it. Wondering what I'm working on? Read some of it here- I'm the Parenting blogger at The Find, where you can find information just like you would at Mummy's Product Reviews. It's fashion, beauty, eco-friendly products and more!

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  1. Getting old is only in our mind.
    Age never prevented people from doing things:


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