Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pack it Up! We're Going to Chocolate World!

"Are we going to Pretzel land today?" TD asks continuously. To her Pennsylvania is the land of the giant pretzel thanks to her US Maps placemat. However, after this weekend I am quite sure PA will be known as Chocolate World from here on out.

I'm doing laundry like a whirling dervish today. I just finished unpacking myself from my trip and off we go again. I'm looking forward to this opportunity for some downtime with the family. Lately our schedules have been so missed matched that we are almost never home at the same time. The kids are coming and going and so are we.

I'm not concerned about the car ride to Hershey. We've got car trips down. Rather I'm deeply, deeply concerned about us all sharing a hotel room. We've got light sleepers, we've got nappers and we all have different bed times. Dictators don't sleep well when others are present. I fear The Comedian will feel the need to put on a late, late show complete with hysterical meltdowns if we are all in one room together.

You know what else I fear? The fact that I spent so much of the early part of the summer Shredding, running and in general trying to get fit again and then since Blogher I've let it all go. My schedule has been so insane I've been scarfing down disgusting travel/event food and not only am I pasty white (That whole skin cancer thing!) but I'm a pile of squish right about now. I'm not to jazzed about putting on my swimsuit. I'm slathering on the sunless tanner and wondering if I should try and draw abs on with it. Sounds like a fab idea, no?

Aside from all that though it is already August and I feel like this is the first time it will really feel like summer. We are hitting the road, this hockey fan wants to see The Bears' Den and we're all excited beyond belief to be spending this time together as a family.


  1. HersheyPark is awesome! Have fun!

  2. Those Pennsylvania Dutch do know how to make a mean pretzel, though. You should stop at the pretzel factory in Hanover - you know, with all your free time and such. :) Have fun!


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